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Paper Title: Musculoskeletal symptoms among computer users: A comparison between bankers and administrative civil servants in Port Harcourt, Nigeria

Authors: Alamina F.E, Douglas K.E.

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Musculoskeletal disorders are common among various occupational groups. They could cause
pain or discomfort and may result in reduced productivity, absenteeism due to ill health, and
considerable economic and social impact. This study was to determine and compare the
prevalence of musculoskeletal symptoms, awareness, health care- seeking behaviour and identify
risk factors among bank tellers and civil servants in Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

This was a comparative cross-sectional study. A total of 668 computer workers were studied
(equal number of bankers and civil servants). A pre-tested semi-structured, interviewer
administered questionnaire which included the standardized Nordic Musculoskeletal
Questionnaire was used.

The age range of participants was 20-59 years. The mean age of bankers and civil servants were
31.3 ±4.5 years and 38.3 ± 7.3 years respectively. Most of the bankers (82.9%) and civil
servants (89.8%) reported at least one musculoskeletal symptom in the past twelve months. The
most common reported symptom in both work groups was neck pain (62.9% and 56.0%
respectively). Among the bankers, this was followed by upper back pain (57.2%) while for the
civil servants it was low back pain (45.8%).

This study found a higher prevalence of musculoskeletal symptoms among civil servants
compared to bankers. Ergonomic interventions, avoidance of prolonged sitting, observance of
regular rest breaks and adoption of good work practices would help in the reduction of risks for
work-related musculoskeletal disorders. Early presentation and proper treatment should be

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