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Paper Title: Assessment of visual acuity among commercial vehicle drivers in Choba motor parks, Rivers State, Nigeria

Authors: Douglas K.E, Ekwedike H.A.

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Sight is a basic requirement for driving but may not be receiving its desired attention for eligibility to drive especially amongst public
commercial vehicles in Rivers State and probably Nigeria. This study was to assess the visual acuity of commercial drivers in Choba Motor
Parks, Rivers State, Nigeria.

Following ethical approval, 175 consenting respondents were recruited via multistage sampling. They were administered structured, close
ended self administered questionnaire and had their visual acuity assessed using Snellen Chart. Data were entered into Microsoft Excel
Sheet, analysed and presented using descriptive and analytical statistics.

Most of the drivers (88%) in this study had a visual acuity of at least 6/6 and it is quite important to note that none of them had
monocular blindness. Prevalence of visual impairment (presenting VA < 6/12 in the better eye) among the drivers was 1.7%. The mean
age of the respondents was 42 years.

There percentage of good visual acuity among commercial vehicle drivers in Choba Parks Rivers State was good. It is recommended that
commercial vehicle drivers routinely go through visual acuity tests especially while renewing their drivers licenses.

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