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Paper Title: Dentistry: A multi-specialty discipline in Nigeria

Authors: Ilochonwu N.A, Braimoh O.B.

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 The discipline of dentistry has evolved over the years, from a practice that was solely concerned with tooth extraction to conservation and
restoration of dental tissues. With the global advancement in technology and globalisation through information and communication, a lot
of innovations and upgrade have also been experienced by the dental profession.
The discipline is no more a one department or mono-specialty profession but has developed into relevant diverse specialties with renowned
specialists in such areas. This recognition has been acknowledged in the developed climes with no conflict by most stakeholders but it is still an
issue in developing nations like Nigeria. The physicians, health and hospital administrators and policy makers erroneously regard the
dental profession, even in the teaching hospitals, as a unit or department.
There are many specialties of the dental discipline; in each of the Nigerian dental schools, they are structured into three or more departments
and each department comprising two or more specialties. The dental discipline has suffered undue marginalisation, poor funding and
inadequate staffing as a consequence of its consideration as a mono-specialty by the relevant stakeholders. The aim of this paper is to clarify
and present the multi-specialty of the dental profession in Nigeria for the comprehension of the relevant and concerned stakeholders

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