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Paper Title: Correlations between Glomerular Extracellular Basement Membrane Proteins and Glomerular Filtration Rate among Patients with Type 2 Diabetes

Authors: Ntuen N , Orih M.C.

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Diabetic nephropathy is an irreversible complication that occurs in about 40% of type 2 diabetic mellitus (DM) patients. It is
characterized by a rapid decline in glomerular filtration rate. Although, microalbuminuria is considered to be first early sign of
diabetic nephropathy, other glomerular basement membrane proteins like urinary fibronectin and laminin have been shown to
appear in urine before the development of microalbuminuria.

The aim of this study was to determine the correlation between urinary fibronectin, laminin, microalbuminuria and glomerular
filtration rate (GFR) among type 2 diabetics.

Materials And Methods:
This is a hospital-based cross-sectional study involving 120 type 2 DM patients without any known complications. Microalbuminuria was
measured by an immunoturbidmetric assay while urinary fibronectin and laminin were measured by ELISA technique. The glomerular
filtration rate was estimated by the Cockcroft–Gault equation.

A significant negative correlation was found between microalbuminuria, urinary fibronectin, urinary laminin and GFR.

Urinary fibronectin and laminin may be important biomarkers in early diabetic nephropathy.

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