Paper Title: Assessment of blood pressure patterns and associated factors among Non-academic staff of University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria

Authors: Douglas K.E, Alabere I.D.


Blood pressure is affected by a number of factors and thus varies from person to person. These factors
can be classified onto modifiable and non-modifiable factors. This study was aimed at assessing the blood pressure patterns and
associated factors among non-academic staff of the University of Port Harcourt.

This descriptive cross-sectional study sample 259 eligible consenting respondents answer to structured,
interviewer administered, close ended questionnaires. Data were then analysed using the Statistical Package for Social Sciences
(SPSS) Version 20 and presented in tables.

The study determined that 83.78% of respondents had elevated blood pressure which was higher among male
respondents. It also showed that factors like smoking, alcohol, family history. Age and obesity were statistically significant as
risk factor for high blood pressure.

There was a high prevalence of elevated blood pressure among this group of workers occasioned by risk
factors like such as family history, tobacco and alcohol consumption. So programmes (such as health education and lifestyle
modification) which will address these risks factors and control high blood pressure are recommended.

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