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Paper Title: The role of the right hemisphere in language recovery after stroke

Authors: Okeafor C.U, Chukwujekwu D.C.

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 Aphasia is common after stroke and could be chronically disabling. The advent of functional imaging has helped in developing interest in
the study of the neural mechanisms involved in language recovery post stroke. The quest to understand the dynamics of the mechanisms
involved in language recovery has led to the suggestion that both left and right hemisphere are involved in the process of language recovery.
Although many studies have portrayed the importance of right hemisphere homologues of language network, there is some controversy as to
whether these areas in the right hemisphere support language recovery or undermine effective language recovery. Moreover, the roles of the
right hemisphere, in aphasia recovery may depend upon factors such as extent of the lesion on the left hemispheric language areas, degree of
rehabilitation and the recovery time course. It is important to understand the mechanisms involved in recovery of language in aphasic
patients as this could provide a basis for the design of treatment models

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