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Paper Title: The role of the Medical Social worker in the Management of Psychosocial problems of Hospital patients

Authors: Chukwujekwu D.C, Chukwujekwu J.C

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This work aims to address the high level of ignorance about the role of the medical social worker and the challenges that this health professional grapples with in Nigeria.

Social work is a profession for those with a strong desire the help improve people’s lives. The myriad of problems that plague patients is multidimensional embracing among other things psychological and social variables. The need to establish clinical indicators for the systematic monitoring of the quality and appropriateness of patient care cannot be overemphasized. This is even more imperative when one considers the multiple challenges facing the profession in Nigeria today.

Increased public enlightenment about social work, adequate training of health care professionals, the establishment of adequate structure to regulate the profession in Nigeria as well as proper funding are recommended.

The medical social worker represents the vital missing link in the effective health care delivery chain of any nation.

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