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Paper Title: Left ventricular abnormalities amongst Hypertensive patients in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State; A review of 100 Echocardiograms

Authors: Kiridi E.K, Jesurobo D.E, Dambo N.D

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Abnormalities in left ventricular structure and function may occur in patients with systemic hypertension. These changes are a risk factor for acute cardiac events

We set out to describe the prevalence of abnormalities in left ventricular structure and function amongst hypertensive patients in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State.

This was a review of 100 echocardiograms of known hypertensive patients. Transthoracic 2D echocardiography was performed with patients in the left decubitus position using standard
techniques. Descriptive statistics were used to report data and tests of significance were carried out as appropriate. Level of significance was set at p< 0.05.

The mean age of patients in this study was 51.20±16.65 and 51% were males. Obesity was found in 27% of patients. The left ventricular mass and relative wall thickness were normal in 62% and 45% of patients respectively. About a third (31%) of patients had a normal cardiac geometry while concentric remodelling was seen in 31%. Concentric hypertrophy was noted in 24% and eccentric hypertrophy in 14% of patients. The ejection fraction was >50% in most (70/100) subjects and less than 40% in some (20/100). Obesity had a significant association (p = 0.02) with cardiac geometry. The body mass index did not have a significant association with the left ventricular mass (0.81) or the relative wall thickness (0.06). The left ventricular mass had a significant association with the ejection fraction (0.001) but there was no significant association between the relative wall thickness and the ejection fraction (0.40).

The findings of this study suggest that a lot of patients are at a risk of acute cardiac events and may benefit from health promoting regimens as well as counselling to follow their care plan.

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