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Paper Title: Pattern of presentation of Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia in Port Harcourt, Nigeria: An Eight year study

Authors: Korubo K.I, Omunakwe H.E, Nwauche C.A, Ejele O.A

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Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia (CML) is a relatively common leukaemia that has been extensively studied and was the first malignancy identified to have specific mutation present.

The aim was to study the presentation of CML in our centre. Data was extracted from case folders of already diagnosed CML patients. Results were analyzed using SPSS.

Subjects and Methods:
This was a hospital based retrospective study for an eight year period.

CML accounted for 34 out of 105 (32.4%) haematological cancers seen in the 8 year period with 18 males and 16 females and median age at presentation of 36.5 years. No patient was asymptomatic at presentation, common findings were abdominal swelling 27 (79.4%), symptoms of anaemia 21 (61.8%). Complications of CML were seen in 7 (20.6%). The mean haemoglobin concentration was 8.5g/dl while the mean WBC was 293 X109/L and majority (n=27, 79.4%) had a WBC >100 X 109/L. No one had thrombocytopenia but 9 (26.5%) had thrombocytosis. Majority (n=30, 88.2%) presented in chronic phase, 3 (8.8%) in the accelerated phase and 1(2.9%) in the blastic phase. Karyotyping for the Philadelphia chromosome was done for 12(35.3%) where it was positive in all cases.

CML presented at a lower median age. Although facilities for karyotyping and molecular studies are not readily available, the Philadelphia chromosome was positive in all tested cases. Regular health checks are essential in early identification of the disease as all our patients were symptomatic at presentation.

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