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Paper Title: Acute Left upper limb Gangrene: A Case Report

Authors: Bell-Gam H.I, Iwunze C.I.K, Amadi E.S

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Acute upper limb gangrene (AULI) is an unusual manifestation of atraumatic acute limb ischemia (ALI), as the latter tends to occur much more commonly in the lower limbs than in the upper extremities. AULI carries a strong risk of limb loss if treatment is delayed or is unsuccessful. Its association with varied co-morbidities further lends to its potential for severe morbidity and mortality. Reported cases worldwide remain few, the dearth of information on the subject being further compounded by its rarity in this environment.

This is to report a case of acute left upper limb gangrene.

Early recognition of the features of acute limb ischemia and early prompt medical (anticoagulant therapy) and/or surgical invention yields good long-term outcome, thereby preventing the complications or total loss of limb. A series of successful treatments will demystify the perceived ‘spiritual’ origin of these conditions.

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