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Paper Title: Perception and Attitude of Doctors on ageing, old age and Geriatric care in Rivers State, Nigeria

Authors: Bell-Gam H.I, Amadi E.S

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The world is experiencing increasing proportion of older persons, thus making their health care needs of more public health importance.
There is the presumption that the perception and attitude of medical professionals towards older people is important and affects the quality
of care they receive.

To assess the perception and attitude of Doctors to aging, older persons and their knowledge and attitude to geriatric care

It is a cross sectional descriptive study using self-administered questionnaire.

Majority of the Doctors have a positive attitude towards older persons and aging. The Doctors have preference for Geriatric
care in their own homes by their families, financed by the government.

The positive attitude of the doctors suggests that provision and implementation of geriatric care and services can be
effectively organized and managed.

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