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Paper Title: Association of Severity of Essential Hypertension and Psychiatric co-morbidity in Patients attending the Cardiovascular Out-patients clinic at the University of Port Harcourt (UPTH)

Authors: Nkporbu A.K, Stanley P.C, Ohaeri J.

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Essential hypertension, a non-communicable disease, is assuming an epidemic dimension, of the nature of a
communicable condition, with associated psychiatric comorbidity among the sufferers.

The aim of this study, therefore, was to determine the relationship between the severity of hypertension and psychiatric illness among
persons with essential hypertension attending the cardiovascular clinic in UPTH.

In this comparative cross-sectional study, following ethical approval from the appropriate committee of the
hospital and informed consent from the participants, 360 subjects making up the study group(hypertension) were recruited based on the
study s inclusion and exclusion criteria. This was after a pilot study. Severity of hypertension was determined using the Modern
Classification of Hypertension by the World Health Organization /International Society of Hypertension grades 1 to 3 where grade 1
corresponds to mild hypertension and grade 3 corresponds to severe hypertension. Subjects were further administered with the study s
instruments including the socio-demographic questionnaire, GHQ-12, and WHO Composite International Diagnostic
Interview(WHO CIDI).The socio-demographic questionnaire, and GHQ-12 were self-administered while the WHO CIDI was based
on interview by the researcher. The data were analyzed using the SPSS version 16 statistical package. Confidence interval was set at 95%
while P- value of less than 0.05 was considered statistically significant.

The study found a higher prevalence of psychiatric co-morbidity (52.2%) among the hypertensives. Depressive illness had
the highest prevalence of 106(39.4%), PLWHIV, 47(29.4%). Also, severity of hypertension was significantly negatively correlated with
psychiatric co-morbidity persons with essential hypertension.

The findings in this study indicate that essential hypertension is a chronic debilitating illness associated with
psychiatric co-morbidity, and its severity was significantly associated with higher psychic distress as shown by GHQ-12 scores. The results
indicate that the management of hypertension should include attention to their mental health and well being of these patients in order to
enhance the quality of care.

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