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Paper Title: The role World Medical Association (WMA) can play to help prevent the death of Postgraduate Medical Education and Training (Residency training) in developing nations (Africa) viz-a-vis: Funding, Partnership and Sponsorship

Authors: Gbujie D.C.

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Postgraduate Medical Education and Training are the foundational starting point and currently the only existing system available to
doctors in Nigeria and few African nations who are willing to become specialist in any area of medicine or surgery.
This program provides the doctors with the opportunity to gain the needed advance skills and knowledge required to handle health conditions
and challenges as they arise.
In the last six years especially in Nigeria and in some African countries, this special education has almost collapsed. It has been further
worsened by the absence of funds and lack of advance man-power training which ordinarily should be provided by the respective African
An urgent integrated approach is required from all stakeholders, which will include African government, National Medical Association
and World Medical Association to prevent the death of Postgraduate Medical Education and Training. Some factors have been identified
in this article and few recommendations suggested, all in the bid to save this integral component of healthcare system called Postgraduate
Medical Education and Training.

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