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Paper Title: Incidental Splenunculus Following Splenic Trauma: Report of a Case

Authors: Igwe P.O, Biibaloo L.L, Onah D.U

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A 9-year-old male who presented with a history of sudden generalized abdominal pain and progressive abdominal distension following a
fall from height .He was pale. His extremities were cold and clammy. His pulse rate was 110 per minute and blood pressure was 90/50
He was resuscitated and had exploratory laparotomy a few hours after presentation. The findings were haemoperitoneum, ruptured spleen
with hila vascular laceration and a splenunculus at the gastro-colic omentum. He had splenectomy, analgesics and antibiotics. His
outpatient follow-up has been uneventful.

This is to report a case incidental splenunculus in trauma in 9 year old patient with the hope of increasing awareness.

Splenunculus in trauma, though rare but can occur. Careful resuscitation and skillful surgical intervention will
improve outcome.

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