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Paper Title: Child Sexual Abuse Involving a 6 year old Female Victim and a 15 year old male Assailant: A Case Report

Authors: Eli S, Anolue M, Mmom C, Ogu R, John O, Akani N, Okeafor C.U.

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Child sexual abuse is a serious infringement on the rights of the child. It poses a severe consequence for younger children. This important
social problem has paucity of local data.

OBJECTIVE: To highlight on a case of a sexually abused child presenting to Paediatrics and Obstetrics departments of the University
of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital.

She was a 6 year old nursery 3 pupil who presented at the Paediatrics and Obstetrics/Gynaecology department of University of
Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital with complaint of “ rape” by a 15 year old next door neighbor six days prior to presentation .

This case report shows that child sexual abuse may not be uncommon in our environment. As a deterrent to curb this crime, perpetrators of
this act should be prosecuted and rehabilitated whenever possible.

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