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Paper Title: Spontaneous rupture of incisional hernia: A Case report.

Authors: Igwe P.O, Dodiyi-Manuel A, Usende H.L and Umar A.F.

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Spontaneous rupture with bowel evisceration is an uncommon feature of incisional hernia. There is
increased risk of morbidity and mortality.

To report a rare clinical condition in which there was a spontaneous rupture of an abdominal
incisional hernia and to increase awareness of this condition in our environment.

Case Report:
A 31yr old woman presented with a history of loop of intestine protruding from a previous
surgical scar in the lower abdomen. She had a colicky, and generalised abdominal pains, with vomiting of
recently ingested food, progressive abdominal distention and constipation. She had had five previous
Caesarian Sections. On examination she had about 15 centimeters of a loop of ileum eviscerated.
Exploratory laparotomy after resuscitation revealed ileal herniation approximately 30 cm from the ileoceacal valve. A bowel resection, ileo-ileal anastomosis and a vertical Mayo repair of the hernia were
carried out. Her post-operative period was uneventful.

Spontaneous rupture of incisional hernia, a distressing clinical condition is uncommon and it
is reported with the hope of increasing the awareness and possibly prevent this avoidable uncommon

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