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Paper Title: Comparing intraocular pressure and pachymeter adjusted intraocular pressure in a Sub-Saharan African cohort.

Authors: Odogu V, Awoyesuku E, Chinawa N.E, Anyiam F.

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To evaluate the effect of Central Corneal Thickness on measured intraocular pressure in a sub-Saharan
Central corneal thickness CCT was measured by means of ultrasound pachymeter (IOPAC, Heidelberg
Engineering, Germany) among subjects known to have glaucoma and those who did not have glaucoma.
After instillation of topical anaesthetic, eight measurements were taken and the average value was
recorded. The cohort of patients was those attending the outpatient department of the eye unit,
university teaching hospital. Patients and controls were randomly selected.
The Intra-ocular pressures were measured with Perkins Tonometer, after instillation of topical
anaesthetic and flourescein eye drops. A total of 147 eyes were assessed, 50 eyes of which had glaucoma
and 97 eyes were “normal”

The average CCT for all patients was 513.7um ± 52.395. There was a progressive decrease in CCT with
age in normal and glaucomatous subjects in line with previous studies. No linear relationship between
IOP and age could be established among glaucomatous and normal subjects.
There is inverse relationship between corneal thickness and IOP in normal and glaucomatous subjects.
There was no clinical significant difference between Goldman measured IOP and pachymeter adjusted
There is decrease CCT with age in glaucomatous and non-glaucomatous subjects. There is also an inverse
relationship between CCT and IOP leading to underestimation of IOP with thin corneas and vice versa in
both glaucomatous and non glaucomatous eyes. There was no clinical significant difference between
IOP measured by Goldmann and Pachymeter adjusted IOP

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