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Paper Title: Blood pressure pattern in a Nigeria rural community, a pilot study.

Authors: Bellgam I.H, Buowari Y.O

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There is an increased incidence and prevalence of hypertension worldwide due to
the westernization of the diet and modified lifestyle habits. Hypertension is the commonest cardiovascular disease risk factor and the commonest cause of stroke in Nigeria, even in rural communities.

This is a cross-sectional descriptive pilot study conducted at Ukonu Polo, Opobo, southern
Nigeria during outreach on 31st December 2012. All participants at the medical outreach were
included in the study after consent was obtained.

Eighty-five subjects participated in the study with age range of 18-94 years mean age 57.58 +
0.02 years. The frequency of hypertension in the study was 56.47%.

The frequency of hypertension in this island community is very high and there is therefore
urgent need for the institution of hypertension control measures including lifestyle modification.

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