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Paper Title: Use of Private Owned Theatre Wears: Knowledge of Care and Practice in a Low-Income Setting

Authors: Elenwo N.S., Ijah Rex F.O.A., Dayi O.J., Dimoko A.A.

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To ascertain the knowledge of theatre users on the use of theatre wears and adherence to standard practice in the of care of privately-owned theatre wears.

The need to strike a balance between reducing the cost of medical care in a dwindling economy, and ensuring prevention of infection transmission has led some hospital administrators to propose and adopt models and hybrids of models of surgical scrubs supply and laundering. 

Materials and Methods: 
A cross-sectional descriptive questionnaire-based study was carried out among 213 theatre users at a tertiary healthcare center. Data was analyzed using the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) version 20.0.

One hundred and fifty-nine (74.6%) theatre users procure their theatre wears and launder it by themselves.  Majority of respondents affirmed to having adequate knowledge of care of aprons/boots – 167 (78.4%), and scrubs – 151 (70.9%). In practice, only 107 (50.2%) and 100 (46.9%) theatre users asserted to actually undertaking adequate care of their scrubs and aprons/boots respectively.

Although most of the respondents asserted to having adequate knowledge of care of theatre wears, fewer number affirmed to actually practicing immediate and adequate care of the theatre wears after use. Practice should measure up with the knowledge of care. The disparity between knowledge and practice of care of theatre wears makes it therefore reasonable not to recommended it in our setting. 

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