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Paper Title: Clitoridal Cyst Following Female Circumcision: A Case Report

Authors: Mba Alpheaus Gogo, Mube William Amebeobari

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Introduction: Clitoridal cyst is usually a long-term complication of female circumcision. Female genital mutilation or cutting may lead to one of the common types of cutaneous cyst which is an epithelial inclusion cyst resulting from implantation of epidermal elements in the dermis and can be found in any part of the body including the perineum. These epidermal elements desquamate and produce secretions to form a cyst. It may also occur in very few cases result from minor trauma to the clitoris, such as vulval dermatitis.

Case presentation: She was a 35-year primiparous woman who presented to us at a private facility with a history of progressive swelling on her circumcision site. She could not remember how long, but she was circumcised in infancy. She had a surgical excision under anaesthesia and was discharged home in a stable clinical state. 

Conclusion: Clitoridal cysts can occur as a complication of female genital cutting. Satisfactory treatment outcome can be achieved by surgical excision.

Keywords: Clitoridal cyst, female circumcision, surgical excision

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