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Paper Title: Evaluation and Analysis of Medical Research; Advancing Current and Evidence-Based Clinical Practice by a Resident Doctor’s Medical Journal

Authors: Nnaji Chimaobi Tim, Omoruyi Solace Amechi

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Background: Medical research drives most of the advancements in clinical practice and offers promising clues to the management of a wide range of clinical problems. The rapid advancement in medical research has created a dramatic increase in the number of studies that highlights the need for greater participation of physicians as well as patients.
Method: This was a retrospective longitudinal study it involved collating all the studies published in the Gazette of Medicine from inception in the December 2012 edition to the June 2021 edition. Data Collated include the number of articles published per year, the rank of the authors (Consultant, Resident Doctors, or both), and the specialties of medicine that contributed to publications. Data was collated using a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, analyzed using Statistical Package for Social Sciences, and presented as frequencies, and proportions in tabular and descriptive forms. 
Results: The Gazette of Medicine published 123 articles in the 10-year period, at the rate of 12.3 articles per year. Publications were high during the periods of 2013, 2015, and 2017, while it recorded the lowest in 2021. We published 50% of articles from consultant-resident doctor combinations, 34% from consultants alone, and 16% from resident doctors alone.
Conclusion: There was a significant multispecialty contribution to the growth of medicine and healthcare.

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