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Paper Title: Huge Bladder Stone, a Complication of Urethral Stricture

Authors: Danagogo Okigbeye, Udo Kufre

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 Introduction: Urethral stricture is a common cause of bladder outlet obstruction. It may be complicated by watering can perineum and though rarely bladder stones. 

Aim : We write to highlight a rare occurrence of a huge bladder bladder stone in a patient with recurrent urethral stricture and watering can perinieum.

Case Report: We are reporting a rare case of a Huge bladder stone in a 40 year old man. He presented with voiding and storage lower urinary tract obstruction with leakage of urine from the perinieum. A diagnosis of recurrent stricture and watering can perinieum was made. During supra-pubic cystostomy a huge bladder calculus measuring 12x8x6cm (507g).

Conclusion: Urethral strictures can be complicated by bladder stones. Huge stones greater than 100g are rare. Bladder stones can be managed endoscopically but huge stones usually require open cystolithotomy.

Keywords: Huge Bladder Stone, Urethral Stricture

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