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Paper Title: The Significance of Socioeconomic and Dietary Factors on the Prevalence and Onset of Frailty Amongst the Eldery

Authors: Amadi Ekechi, Abeynayake Janaka, Becerra-Lopera Monica Lucia, dos Santos Martins, Helder Miguel, Godfrey Barbara, Henderson Grace, Itsuokor Benedict, Obi Okwudilichukwu Paul, Southgate Natalie, Timmiah-Ragudu, Sirisha, Tom Tony, Kafetz Kalman

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Frailty is the physiological decline of aging characterized by vulnerability to poor homeostatic functioning. Different models have been proposed by which frailty can occur and various screening tools have been developed to assess frailty. Various risk factors have equally been studied if there are significant relationship with these and frailty. This review article focuses on the relevance of socioeconomic and dietary factors to the development of frailty amongst the elderly.
Keywords:  Dietary, Elderly, Frailty, Significance, Socio-economic

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