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Paper Title: Relationship between occupation, gender and distribution of ocular problems in Niger Delta, Nigeria

Authors: Ejimadu C.S.,Obi-Fortune N.,Cookey S.A.H.

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To determine the relationship between occupation, gender and distribution of ocular problems in a rural setting of Niger Delta, Nigeria.

A multistage population based random sampling study of adults in five clans of Etche Local Government Area of Rivers State. Medical history was taken and comprehensive ocular examination done on each subject. Ocular examination included visual acuity, visual field, tonometry and ophthalmoscopy. Data taken were recorded and analysed using statistical software called Minitab 11. Ethical approval was obtained from relevant authorities.

Of the 600 subjects seen in this study majority were farmers; 276 (46.0%), others were civil servants 152 (25.3%), and traders 102 (17.0%), few students 46 (7.6%), Retirees 15 (2.5%) and unemployed 9 (1.5%). 276 (46.0%) were males and 324 (54.0%) females. Twenty six (2.4%) subjects had good vision while 8 (0.8%) were blind. The top five ophthalmic problems identified were Presbyopia 298 (28.0%), Refractive error 247 (23.2%), Cataract 126 (11.8%), Allergic conjunctivitis 106 (9.9%) and Glaucoma 94 (8.8%),

Farmers were the most affected group and females the most affected gender. This may be attributed to the fact that these communities are mainly agrarian with high participation of women. Presbyopia and refractive errors were the most common ocular problem probably because majority of the people included in the study were above 40 years of age.

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