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Paper Title: Contraceptive choices among women in Umuahia, Nigeria

Authors: Nduka E.C., Nduka I., Nwachukwu K.C.

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Contraception is not only important in promoting maternal health and preventing morbidity and mortality from unwanted pregnancies and
unsafe abortions, but also plays vital role in population control.

To determine the contraceptive choices of New Acceptors at the Family Planning Clinic of Federal Medical Centre(FMC) Umuahia.

A cross-sectional descriptive study using hospital based records. Data on biosocial characteristics and contraceptive choices of all new
acceptors seen over a one year period (January to December 2012) were collated and analyzed.

The age group 35-39 years (26%) and the grand multiparous group (38%) had the highest number of clients. Majority of the clients were
married (92%); had tertiary education (59.7%); and were Pentecostal Christians (50.3%). The commonest source of information on
contraception was from hospital staff (40%). Intrauterine contraceptive device (IUCD) was the commonest chosen contraceptive method
43.6%), while tubal ligation was the least chosen method (3.9%). Out of the 3,394 gynaecological clinic clients seen during the study
period, 358 came for family planning, giving a family planning prevalence of 9.5%.

IUCD is the most commonly used contraceptive method in Umuahia, Nigeria.

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