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Paper Title: Traumatic pseudocyst of the pancreas: a diagnostic dilemma

Authors: Igwe P.O., Jebbin N.J., Dodiyi-Manuel A., Okpani C.P.

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Pseudocyst of the pancreas following trauma is an uncommon abdominal condition . Its diagnosis is infrequently made before surgery
because of its varying ways of presentation and masquerading as other cystic abdominal conditions.

This is to report a case of traumatic pseudocyst of the pancreas in a female patient aged 30 years with the hope of increasing awareness
among practicing surgeons.

A 30-year-old female presented with a history of sudden onset of left upper abdominal pain and abdominal swelling of seven years
duration following a road traffic accident. She was neither pale nor dehydrated. Her pulse rate was 84 per minute and blood pressure was
110/70 mmHg.
She was resuscitated and had an exploratory laparotomy. The patient was found to have a pseudocyst of the pancreas and a
cystogastrostomy was performed. Her postoperative follow-up was satisfactory.

Conclusion: Pseudocyst of the pancreas following trauma is uncommon. Sometimes it may pose a diagnostic challenges. A high index of
suspicion, early diagnosis, careful resuscitation and skillful surgical intervention will improve outcome.

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