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Paper Title: Nasal foreign body in an 8 year old boy

Authors: Nwogbo A.C, Ebong E.

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Nasal Foreign Body is an emergency. Diagnosis often times is made by history and clinical judgment. In some diagnostic imaging is essential, if proper diagnosis is to be achieved. Removal of Nasal Foreign Body in a consulting room setting is adequate for many cases, while some require mandatory general anaesthesia for removal.

The aim of this case report is:
a) To raise high index of suspicion in the minds of clinicians concerning Nasal Foreign Body using a special case.
b) To plea for early / appropriate referral.
c) Demonstrate principles of Nasal Foreign Body removal.

We report a case of 6 years presence of Nasal Foreign Body in an 8 year old boy at University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital, a tertiary institution. Unknown to the parents who were then separated, child inserted a screw nut into his nostril while in playing in his fathers workshop.

Nasal Foreign Body in the nose is a common ENT emergency and requires a high index of suspicion.

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