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Paper Title: Assessment of pattern and injury severity of patients with maxillofacial injuries due to physical aggression in a Nigerian Teaching Hospital: A retrospective survey

Authors: Akinbami B.O.

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Injuries due to assault are underreported in Nigeria because of medico-legal reasons and there are still some unreported on the aetiology. We conducted a retrospective study on the prevalence, pattern, severity and outcome of maxillofacial injuries due to physical aggression in our centre with the aim of quantifying the severity of the injuries

Patients demographics, site and type of injury, tissue involved as well as presence of associated injuries were recorded. Soft tissue injuries were categorized as contusions, laceration, avulsions, degloving and multiple injuries. The treatment outcome was based on aesthetic appearance of the scars and patients satisfaction.

Out of the 425 patients that presented with injuries to the whole body due to physical aggression, 32(7.5%) of them sustained maxillofacial injuries, 22(68.8%) were males and 10 (31.2%) were females. Two cases (6.3%) had both soft and hard tissue injuries while 30(93.7%) cases had only soft tissue injuries. Age range was between 7 and 68 years with mean and standard deviation of 25.4±(11.6) years. There was associated mild to moderate head injury in 10(31.3%) cases and such injuries were considered serious based on the injury severity scores

We documented a prevalence of 7.5% of assault from physical aggression with over 30% sustaining serious injuries to brain; other injuries to the maxillofacial soft and hard tissues were mild in 62.6% and 6.2% respectively

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